Back when we were auditioning for singers & guitar players (when we found Joe), we received several calls from Stewart. To know Stewart just flash back to "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" and Think Spicoli…

Jeff Received a Call from Stewart that Went Something Like this:

Jeff: Hi Stewart what Can I Do For You This Time.

Stewart: Hey Dude, Like, I Still Want to Come Audition But , Like, My Boss is, Like, a Dick.

Jeff: I Know, You’ve Said that Before Stewart.

Stewart: Hey, Like, Have You Ever thought about, Like, Changing the Name of the Band?

Jeff: No, Stewart, Do You Have A Suggestion for Us?

Stewart: Yeah, Like, Pizza Dude.

Jeff: (Stunned Silence) Why?

Stewart: Because, Like, Everybody Loves the Pizza Dude.

Jeff: (REALLY Stunned Silence) We’ll Think about it Stewart...

Some Names Just Stick… So We Became… PiZZaDuDe

So you wanna know who the PiZZADuDES are?

image of Joe playing guitar

Remember the words of the Dude: "To Dig, and be Dug in Return" and "if the phone doesn’t ring, it’s me."

Designation "#00" Joe (Bernard) Alfers - grevity. - "Duder"

Guitar and Vocals

I answered an ad in the paper to try out for a "Rock Band", and that’s where I met the PizzaDude Dudes and have been having a blast playing with the DuDes ever since. I also do a Solo Acoustic act whenever I get the chance.

Bernie enjoys watching a low budget horror movie with a pint of beer and a Red Baron frozen Pizza with all the trim’ins. He also enjoys playing his PRS, Gibson and Epiphone guitars though Line 6 Amplifiers.

Come out and party with the PizzaDude Band and Get ready to "Party Hearty and Rock 'n Roll".

#3 Dean (Brandon Dean)

Drums and Vocals

image of Randy playing drums

Remember… Do unto others before they do unto you.

I started playing drums in Jr. high school by sneaking down to the band room and sitting behind the jazz drum kit. Since I wasn’t in band, this caused problems when I was caught.

I grew up listening to KISS, Aerosmith, Queen, ect… in the late 70’s, I then got caught up in the hair bands of the 80’s.

I was the sound man for the band for a few years, then moved into playing drums when our original drummer unexpectedly graduated college. (We were as surprised as you are!)

I prefer a thick crust, not pan, with Canadian bacon, saurkraut, green olives, and a smattering of hamburger, with extra cheese. Of course an ice cold bud light is manditory.

#13 Ed (Phred) Harris

Bass Guitar and Vocals

image of Phred playing bass

Ed Also Plays Music for His Church on Sunday Mornings to Make His Mother Proud.

Phred Started Playing Rock & Roll in College in a Beach Boys Cover Band… that Never got a Gig… "We Sucked but no One Pressed Charges".

After Years of Band, Orchestra, Choir, and Singing in the Pews with the Choir, and Those Weeks at Band Camp, Phred started Working With Jeff Richards in His Day Job. This Turned out to Be Monumental in that Phred Started Playing Rock & Roll with Jeff And Formed a Band. "We Sucked Less and No One Pressed Charges this Time Either".

Jeff and Phred Went through 4 Band Names, 5 Lead Singers, 5 Guitar Players, and 23 or so Drummers on the Way to Becoming a PiZZaDuDe.

Phred Prefers a Hand Tossed Crust Pepperoni, Sausage and Mushroom Pizza, and Plays Basses By Ibanez and Yamaha, Fender Amplifiers, Custom Speaker Cabinets, a Nady Wireless, and Occasionally Effects by Korg.

#10 Jeff (Scotty) Richards

image of Jeff playing guitar

Scotty’s #10 reflects his other dream of being 10 feet tall, and if you have seen him, you know he didn’t save any pizza for the other DuDes!

Scotty was born in Kansas City, Missouri where he tested his musical roots. The first time he saw the Beetles on television, he knew he had to play guitar. However, he soon discovered that all the girls liked drummers, but he persisted with his dream. Making the "guitar face" during a deafening lead was all he cared about.

Playing Violin, and Guitar, Scotty jammed with many different musicians and bands such as Faze One, Starry Cope, Phoenix, Now * Here * This, and now a KC Favorite, PiZZaDuDe.

His musical favorites include Rush, Toad the Wet Sprocket, John Mayer, Bush, KISS, and many others.

Scotty plays guitars by Paul Reed Smith, Charvel Jackson, Epiphone, and a Johnson 250 amplifier. He has a Real Sweet tooth for good Scotch…

#5 Chris (The Short) Geary-Durrill

Web Mistress of the Dark

image of Chris and Emma being Chris and Emma

Quote: "I'm down here!"

Chris lives somewhere out there in the howling wilderness of the howling wilds of central Missouri - she does web pages and graphic design for a living and other stuff for fun. She's not a DuDe (for obvious, anatomical reasons,) but she has no problem hanging around with them.

Her interests are wide and varied and include belly dancing, costume making, ummm... and killing houseplants. Her musical abilities extend to shakiing her hips in time to the beat and being able to find the off and on switch on most radios, CD players, and the stereo in her kitchen. She has an absurdly large collection of beads and a small child name Emma. Her favorite bands include Led Zeppelin, Journey, Fleetwood Mac, and U2, with a smattering of Dio, Jethro Tull, Sarah Brightman, Enya, and Chris Isaak. Let's not even go into the belly dance music as we'd be here all day!

Chris has been running the PiZZaDuDe website for at least five years now and is always plotting a major remodeling of the site should the guys decided they're up to it.

Chris' favorite pizza is a Shakespeare's whole wheat crust with everything on it including green peppers, and sauerkraut if she can get it. Barring that, she'll do the same thing at home including sauerkraut as she just found a can of the stuff at the very back of the cabinet to the left of the sink behind the canned coconut milk.

So, You want the DuDes to Heat up Your Party, Bar, or Event?
Give us a Call: We Deliver!

Joe Alfers
(913) 927-4768

Or Rick Guhge

(References Available Upon Request)

Hey DuDes and DuDettes!

ROCK & ROLL (Come Party With the DuDes!)

Alllllllllll righty then - it's THE "New" PizzaDude - Video/Slide Show/Demo! For you, my brothers and sisters of the intergalactic stelluloid voyage of the USS PizzaDude. Make sure you take any breakables off the counters and tables, 'cause your house is gonna rock for about 4 1/2 minutes!!!

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