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Look like a Dude,

or at least show your support!

(Available at any place you hear the DuDeS playing. All you need is cash!)

Red hot t-shirts right out of the oven! These heavy duty, extra quality "Dude" shirts will let the world know, that "Everybody loves pizza, Dude!"

M, L, XXL, only $10.00!!

T-shirts not hot enough for ya??? These heavy-duty, party hearty tanks will make you look good at the next street basketball game, pool party, or the nearest county jail!

M, L, XXL, only $8.00!

Official DuDeShIRTS come in the following colors: some kind of dark purple, hard to miss white, decidedly turquoise/aqua, pizzacrust beige, and more or less athletic speckled grey!

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Want the 'DuDEs to heat up your party, bar or event? Just give Joe Alfers a call at: 913/927-4768!

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